Begin Reversing Diabetes In Just 12 Weeks

With the 12 week online plan providing the knowledge, expert guidance and support to help you achieve diabetes control...

The Diabetes Clinic 12 Week Core Plan provides exactly what you need, with:

The essential learning putting you in charge of diabetes

The proven system for repairing insulin resistance

The nutritional plans, recipes and resources specifically for Type 2 diabetes

We understand that Type 2 Diabetes impacts every part of your life. In 12 weeks you can change its impact...naturally

Do you worry about not having control of your health and diabetes?  It's common to feel that there's not much you can control now that you're on this path, except follow the standard diabetes advice, take the medicines and manage its progress, not knowing what's around the corner.

Are you feeling like you're missing out on being able to do everything you want to do...worrying about rising blood sugars, your weight and the varying health issues that accompany this disease?

It's time to gain control and begin reversing diabetes, with proven doctor-led strategies and support, without trying to figure it out all alone.

Welcome to the Diabetes Clinic 12 week Core Plan, where we guide you through the proven system for changing diabetes and your health. The Core Plan gives you access to the initial 9 modules of our dedicated online programme.

  • With access to the online resources when you want, learning in the way that suits you, at your own pace
  • To start improving your blood sugar levels, with confidence
  • To begin managing your hunger and food choices, with knowledge
  • To start lowering your risks of health complications and need for medications, with action

A system without additional medications, diet shakes or counting calories. And our diabetes expert support is with you throughout your 12 weeks, to help you succeed.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The 12 Week Core Plan

Access To Modules 1-9 Of Our Proven System For Reversal

The Core Plan provides the education you need to discover how to be in CONTROL of your diabetes.

Choose your learning style with videos, workbooks, and downloadable resources.

You will learn how Type 2 diabetes affects you and what strategies will have an impact on your health every single day.

Facebook Private Members Group Support

Our private members group is an active and supportive space to discuss your learning, receive extra tips and stay accountable to change.

With all Diabetes Clinic members and experts on hand, it's a positive learning community that helps propel you to success.

Diabetes Meal Plans & Recipes

Leave behind the poor food choices impacting your blood sugar levels. Get the practical meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and advice to easily shift your health. 

You'll be in control and at the top of your health game.

Coaching Emails & Videos

Our coaching experts stay in touch throughout the 12 weeks with additional emails and videos to keep you motivated and on track.

You'll have the team behind you to make real and positive changes over the 12 weeks.

What’s in the 12 week Core Plan

GETTING STARTED - The Foundations of Diabetes Change
Module 1

Looking at the history of diabetes helps us to understand how to reverse diabetes.

From this module you'll understand your own disease development and your health picture today.

Module 2

You'll learn the basics of diabetes from insulin resistance to the management and treatment options currently available.

From this module, expect to see a clear path for recovering from diabetes that will work for you.

Module 3

We take you through the interaction between glucose and insulin and what it means for diabetes.

This learning will help your decision-making, to work towards being free from diabetes.

Module 4

Understanding hunger and hormones in diabetes, is one of the most important shifts in diabetes reversal.

From this module, you'll begin your new relationship with food, to set you up for short and long term success.

Module 5

Heard about fasting? This module covers the science and how it works, who can, who shouldn't, and types of plans.

From this module, you don't have to undertake fasting, but will instead have an understanding of how it can be used in diabetes management.

Module 6

A cornerstone for diabetes management and recovery, in this module we take you through testing and monitoring.

This learning will support your daily progress in reversing diabetes and planning long term goals.

PHASE 1 - Rebalance & Repair
Module 7

The repair and rebalance phase begins, with daily plans and strategies to follow.

This module sets all of your new found knowledge into daily action to achieve results during your 12 weeks.

Module 8

This nutrition module is essential to diabetes recovery. In two parts, it provides you with a sound basis in nutrition.

From this module, you'll see the steps toward change that will have an impact on your diabetes.

Module 9

The LCHF eating plans that are proven to work to reverse diabetes are in this final core plan module.

From this module, you will have the recipes, meal plans and combination of strategies to implement for long term health.

As you work through the 12 week Core Plan, you may find all the knowledge and strategies you need to continue your journey to reversing diabetes independently. However, upgrading to our Accelerated Plan, with Phase 2 & 3, gives you the combination of strategies that are the key to achieving long term success. Upgrading is an option at anytime.

Member Testimonials

Sue Gallagher

Now off all of my diabetes medications!

I couldn’t be more surprised at my results! My doctor has declared that I'm no longer diabetic and has taken me off the last diabetes medication I was on. I am so happy to have found the Diabetes Clinic.

Carol Hudson

Lowest blood sugars and my Doctor is happy!

My doctor is happy and I have now come off all my medicines and my blood glucose levels remain the lowest they have been (without taking the medication)! This programme changed my future!

Colin Hyde

This programme delivers

Your doctor can see you for 5 minutes at a time, but you are living with diabetes and its
complications every day. Information is key and the Diabetes Clinic Programme had everything I needed step by step to change.

Meet our team of diabetes experts

Meet some of our experts who will support you on your journey through the 12 week Core Plan

Dr. Matt Shelton

General Practitioner & Diabetes Clinic Medical Director

Kimba Lawrence

Diabetes Clinic Director & Programme Support

Julie Buckley

Diabetes Clinic Nutrition & Recipe Developer

Our team, led by Dr. Matt Shelton, provide the scientific, proven strategies for reversing Type 2 diabetes, naturally.

  • The essential learning to put you in charge of your diabetes
  • A proven system for repairing insulin resistance
  • A nutritional plan with recipes and resources specifically for Type 2 diabetes

Join The 12 Week Core Plan

One Time Payment or Monthly Instalments Available

12 Week Core Plan

Access to the Diabetes Clinic 12 Week Plan - Modules 1 to 9



/month x 3

  • Access to the 9 Core Plan modules
  • Immediate access to your learning dashboard
  • Private members Facebook group
  • Coaching emails & videos
  • LCHF eating plans and recipe section
  • Complimentary quick support consults at anytime
12 Week Core Plan

Access to the Diabetes Clinic 12 Week Plan - Modules 1 to 9



/one time payment

  • Access to the 9 Core Plan modules
  • Immediate access to your learning dashboard
  • Private members Facebook group
  • Coaching emails & videos
  • LCHF eating plans and recipe section
  • Complimentary quick support consults at anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this plan right for me?

The Core Plan is most suited if you are ready to make a start on getting control of your diabetes. If you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated at trying to work out how to manage it on your own, this plan will relieve that worry.

If you're ready to take a small first step on learning, you have online access and can follow steps towards change, the core plan is the perfect place to start.  

If you're ready for a big step, with a goal of reversing your diabetes in the next 6 months, consider the full programme to accelerate your results.

Our terms and conditions apply to ensure your safety and care, which is always our highest priority.

How long will it take to work? 

Many members get results faster than they expect. As you work at your own pace through the modules, you will notice small changes quite quickly, often in energy levels, sleep and blood sugars.  

However, this isn't a 'quick fix' or a 'diet', but a lifestyle that reverses diabetes and that can take time. The core plan may start your path towards reversal, however to achieve full reversal may take longer (the full programme is available as an upgrade at anytime). The Diabetes Clinic programme provides many levels and steps that can be tailored to your lifestyle and goals. 

What if I don't stick to the plan? 

It is human nature to not fully or easily sustain change. The Diabetes Clinic has developed a model that takes into account the challenge of change.

There is also a community of people that can encourage and inspire you. All you have to do is stay plugged into us and the programme AND not give up on yourself!

Even with just a small set of changes implemented from the core plan, you will see and feel benefits and these tend to spur you on to greater successes.

Is there anyone like me who has recovered on the Core Plan?

Our members are varied and no person is the same with their diabetes. However, we have had members reverse their diabetes within months!

The best way to see how our members have found the programme to work for them is to read their stories here.

What results can I expect from the Core Plan? 

Results from the Core Plan, of course, vary from person to person. However, there are many common benefits:

An increased and highly valuable understanding and new knowledge base of diabetes, health and its associated issues.

The beginnings of a new relationship with food, often starting to shift life long unhelpful habits.

Weight loss, whilst not a focus, is a highly beneficial and welcome result from the many new changes members adopt and may happen within the 12 weeks.

Lower blood sugars as measured through diabetes tests.

Improved cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep, energy and mood are also common.

A path to reversal that becomes realistic and possible.

Can I start on the Core Plan and decide later on if I need the full programme? 

Yes, we have an upgrade option for you at any time (during or after the Core Plan) to gain the whole journey to diabetes reversal by joining the Accelerated Plan. You can then move through the steps at your own pace, moving through the modules as slowly or quickly as you would like over a 12 month period.

Your access to the Core Plan then remains for ongoing reference as needed.

From Dr. Matt Shelton

Over my decades as a GP, helping people recover from Type 2 diabetes, I have been constantly rewarded by how this proven system can change someone's life.

There are simply too many people unaware that this disease can be reversed and that it's not out of your reach. Settling for a life of medications, increasing complications and a declining quality of life is not how it should be or need to be.

I have created a system that I assure you, you are capable of doing...with steps that make it achievable, even if you've had unhealthy habits for many years.

I truly want you to start on the path to a life free from Type 2 diabetes to decrease its impacts on your body, your health and your ability to live a longer, happier and healthier life with your loved ones.

Join today and our team will start you on the path to success.

Dr. Matt Shelton - Medical Director the Diabetes Clinic

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