Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions regarding the programme. Within each of our modules we also answer FAQ’s specific to what you will be implementing at each phase of the programme so that you are well informed

Will this work for me and my health issues?

This programme offers health improvements for all that follow it and some of them are surprisingly quick improvements. There is support available to you and our programme compliments your medical care. Take the time you need to make the changes and results WILL come. We have a model that works and it has been tested on humans! The Diabetes Clinic is an evidence-based programme. Phase 1 may be all you need to reverse your diabetes.

Does it need to take 12 months?

No, many members get results much sooner. However, change occurs over time and 12 months allows you to take the healing journey at your own pace and be able to tap back into support. Many people get results much sooner but they like the idea of being able to plug back into  support for longer term changes. Access to the programme resources for 12 months offers a greater choice for help and to ensure success.

Will I be able to manage this?

 Of course you can and many others have. Let us presume that you have already achieved the hardest thing for a human being to do, that is to read and write. The solutions in our programme are simple and easy to follow. The Diabetes Clinic specialises in offering support for making changes and we can also support you to believe in yourself! The programme compliments your current medical practitioner care.

How long will it take to see results?

Expect to notice health improvements within just a few weeks of starting Phase 1 (module 7). You will notice changes in your blood sugar levels, hunger and cravings, mental clarity, better energy, sleep and more. These are common benefits our clients notice early in the programme.

How will I be charged for the programme?

Depending on which payment plan you have chosen will determine how you will be charged. There are full upfront payment and payment plan options. You will be charged on your card the day you join us and the amount will depend on your membership option. 

Do I need a computer for this programme?

A computer is ideal for a bigger screen but it is not essential.  You will be able to take part in our programme on a smartphone. You will receive regular emails that include short videos. You may also want to print off some resources. 

Is the support complimentary?

Part of your membership includes webinar recordings, regular email coaching and a closed members Facebook page to guide and support you to carry out your programme correctly. You can ask questions and hear from other members. You can also book a complimentary quick consult any time.

There are optional additional services available that can be purchased for those who want more personal support or coaching for have specific needs.

What if I don't stick to the programme?

There will still be some health benefits achieved. We understand the forces against change and we can support you through them. It is human nature to not fully or easily sustain change. The Diabetes Clinic has developed a model that takes into account the challenge of change, we specialise in this area. There is also a community of people that can encourage and inspire you. All you have to do is stay plugged into us and the programme AND not give up on yourself!

Do you offer a refund?

Because we provide access to the resources as soon as you join our programme, there is a no refund policy. If your circumstances are particularly unusual or unexpected, we will work with you on an individual basis to find a suitable and fair outcome for you.  

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Have some questions and would like to know more?

Please book a free 15 minute consult to ask your questions and see if the programme is the right fit for YOU.


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