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The Online Programme Reversing Type 2 Diabetes...Naturally

With the right plan for you

Led by an expert diabetes team, we use the latest proven strategies for reversing Type 2 diabetes...without counting calories, diet shakes or additional medications.

Our programme supports you to:

Improve your blood sugars

Lower your health risks

Reverse your diabetes

How We Help

Reversing diabetes is truly possible and within your reach, through lifestyle strategies that have been proven to work. Type 2 diabetes does not mean living with ongoing medications and increasing complications. Follow our 3 phase programme for success.

The Foundations & Phase 1 - Rebalance and Repair

Start your diabetes recovery plan here to rebalance and repair your body. With what you need to put you in charge of your diabetes and your health.

Topics include: glucose and insulin, hunger and hormones, treatments, testing and nutrition - to set the foundations for change.

Phase 2 - Accelerated Recovery

Follow the accelerated healing plans until your health and weight goals are achieved.

Topics include: healthy food relationships, making changes, insulin resistance, weight loss and reducing risks of complications.

Phase 3 - Long Term Success

This is the phase that locks in your long term diabetes recovery. Assess, refine and implement the strategies that create NEW NORMALS for you everyday.

With emphasis on support for long term success, this phase provides the transition plans that provides the framework for long term testing, detox plans, and back on track plans.

How It Works

No matter where you are on your diabetes path, we have a plan to help you gain control and live a healthier life.

3 Plans, One Goal - Reversing Diabetes

12 Week Core Plan

For those ready to make a start on change, within a set 12 weeks.


Access to Foundations and phase 1 with the Diabetes Clinic 12 week plan.

Upgrade anytime.

12 Month Full Programme

For those committed to reversing diabetes, with maximum results.

Access to the full programme with phases 1, 2 & 3 for diabetes reversal and expert support for a year.

12 Month Premium Programme

For those after personalised coaching for maximum support and success.

Access to the full 3 phase programme PLUS personalised coaching sessions from our diabetes experts.

Ready to get started?

How Each Plan Guides You To Success

Our programme provides everything you need all in the one place - your learning dashboard. Access the resources when you want, learning in the way that suits you and at your own pace. Choose from:

  • Videos
    Watch our experts as they teach you the essentials of diabetes and the strategies to change
  • Workbooks
    Download workbooks to be active in learning and implementing
  • Coaching Emails
    We're with you on the journey bringing you inspiration and guidance with regular coaching emails straight to your inbox
  • Audio
    Listen to the modules as often as you like
  • Webinars*
    Access the webinars with our experts for in-depth health support  (*12 month programmes)
  • Meal Plans
    We've done the hard work for you on what to eat and when to eat
  • Recipes
    Access all of our LCHF recipes that support Type 2 diabetes
  • Resource Library
    Access our library of supporting documents on every topic you'll ever need
  • Support Services
    We're real people and available for complimentary fast support consultations at anytime

Why It Works

Doctor-led Programme

The Diabetes Clinic Online is led by Dr. Matt Shelton, a respected medical professional for over 30 years, helping those with diabetes and metabolic disorders change their health. Every module includes the latest strategies for you to take action with confidence.

Easy to Follow

Forget information overwhelm. We guide you step by step, through our done-for-you programme to diabetes reversal, with your choice on how to learn all in the one place.

This is a proven system with daily strategies and support to enable you to succeed.

100% Focus On Diabetes

Our programme and support is 100% focused on reversing Type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes, and preventing the incidence of this disease.

As our programme addresses the insulin hormone imbalances, weight loss and improved health is the natural outcome.

Personal Support & Guidance

Sometimes you need a real person to help you stay on track towards your goal. With complimentary fast phone consults available at anytime, a dedicated members Facebook group and diabetes community, the level of personal support and guidance is far beyond most online programmes available.

Our programme gives you the knowledge, expert guidance and resources you need to achieve the health results you want. By following our strategies with the ongoing support from our team and the members of our diabetes community, get ready to achieve positive changes in weight, insulin resistance, inflammation, diabetes medication, energy, mental health and so much more.


“A huge THANK YOU for providing this online. How do you begin to say thank you for a second chance at life and health? It’s priceless, and, I am so so grateful.”  


“I have lost 25 kg and am under that horrid 100 kg barrier, which I have sought to crack for 18 years. I have finally found people who believe in me, and an eating regime that works, and it is so easy. So grateful.” 


“What an amazing programme this is! One of my biggest excitements is I am off insulin injections, all of my other medicines too AND my bloods are great! My GP is very impressed.”  


” I don’t have enough words to describe the immense help that the diabetes clinic has given me in bringing back my health.  

This is a new beginning for me where I reversing my diabetes and I never knew that it was possible."


"I can recommend the Diabetes Clinic to others for their expertise and support. I am looking forward to being a non-diabetic and continuing to improve my more complex health issues over time. I know I am on the right path with the right knowledge."


"The weight is staying off, the programme is working. I believe the information is right and the support is really helping, me especially from the other member’s with their encouragement."


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