Diabetes reversal programme


Reversing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes naturally

ARE you ready to reverse your diabetes and regain your Health? 

This programme will compliment your current medical care


Join Dr Matt Shelton, our Medical Director, to learn how your pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally.

We offer a doctor-led, specialised education & support programme and a community of people changing together.

All the resources and help available to succeed.

What is included in the programme

A doctor-led, done-for-you programme, designed to be easily followed with support and guidance. You are recovering your diabetes in a community of people doing the same. Work at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from videos, workbooks, downloads, meal plans and recipes. Receive regular coaching emails, watch webinars and be part of a support community 24/7



Doing the Diabetes Clinic Programme I am 8kg lighter than when I started. It made sense to eat real food and the programme doesn’t feel like you are on a diet because it’s not calorie restricted. Your actually feeling really good and it’s easy.


My level was 42 and now is 32. I was 120kg and now I am 94kg, my aim is 87kg. It’s quite hard for a guy at my age to change foods but every week trying different foods was absolutely fantastic. It worked for me so I hope it works for other people as well. 


I needed to do this. I learnt about my diabetes and the drugs I was on and I’ve actually already dropped one of the drugs I am on. My goal is to drop all of them. I lost 9cm around my waist in 10 weeks on the programme and my bloods dropped by 10 points.


Medical and natural health professionals providing you expert  support and solutions to reverse  your prediabetes
and type 2 diabetes

Working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

Have some questions and would like to know more?

Please book a free 15 minute consult to ask your questions and see if the programme is the right fit for YOU.

Email: info@diabetesclinic.co.nz 

Phone: +64 21 519968