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About the Programme  

We have a comprehensive step by step programme that is broken down into 4 stages that you can follow at your own pace. Each phase will support you with workbooks, handouts, audios, videos, FAQ’s and further resources.

Getting Started : Preparing You for Success

Take a couple of weeks to get ready for Phase 1. There are 4 sections, 3 distinct phases and 16 modules in the programme. Learn at your own pace and style. There are videos, audible files workbooks and text-only documents, fast facts and FAQ

You can get baseline test results and complete your health progress sheet. We run complimentary online meetings to offer support and guidance and commit to working with you to achieve great health. 

Approx 2 – 4 weeks

Phase 1 : Rebalance & Repair

Take 4 – 8 weeks or longer to rebalance the body and prepare for phase 2. Phase 1 includes; low carb healthy fat eating, nutrition basics, changing habits, creating a healthy relationship with food. 

Approx 4 – 8 weeks

Phase 2 : Fasting Plans

Fasting plans begin and you learn to master the art of intermittent fasting until your health and weight goals are achieved.

Approx 8 – 20 weeks

Phase 3 : Transitioning & Long Term Change

Now you have done it! Now it’s time to assess, refine and implement what you have learnt into every day life to sustain long term change.

On Going

Meet Our Team

Support your Goals

Our team of professionals are here to support your success. We offer 1:1 individualised consultations for nutrition, lifestyle, fasting, mental and physical wellbeing, mindset changes, medical and diabetes health. Read more below.

My level was 42 and now is 32. I was 120kg and now I am 94kg, my aim is 87kg. It’s quite hard for a guy at my age to change foods but every week trying different foods was absolutely fantastic. It worked for me so I hope it works for other people as well. 


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