A fully supported online programme to reverse type 2 diabetes  

The Diabetes Clinic is an online supported education and coaching programme offering expert, specialised solutions for reversing Type 2 diabetes. With access to the programme for up to 12 months, we’re committed to your success. Changes occur a lot sooner than 12 months, however we’re here with the support and information you need to lock in long term sustainable change and success.

The programme is designed to rebalance, repair and recover your health and free you of the worry of diabetes. We support you to learn in your own way and own pace, with the information presented through workbooks, audios or videos, with FAQ’s and additional resources throughout.

As a member you get more than just information. With regular coaching communication and support to guide you forward step by step, to reversing your diabetes and regaining your health.

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What an amazing programme this is! One of my biggest excitements is I am off insulin injections, all of my other medicines too AND my bloods are great! I truly thought insulin injections where for life. My GP is very impressed .”  Jo 




Our programme gives you the knowledge, guidance and resources you need to achieve the health results you want. By following our solutions and having the on going support from our team and other members of our diabetes community, you will see changes in weight, inflammation, diabetes medication, energy, mental health and so much more.

“To The Diabetes Clinic – a huge THANK YOU for providing this online. How do you begin to say thank you for a second chance at life and health?. It’s priceless, and, I am so so grateful.”  Joanne

“Now I have lost 25 kg and am under that horrid 100 kg barrier, which I have sought to crack for 18 years. I have finally found people who believe in me, and an eating regime that works, and it is so easy. So grateful.” Fiona 

Getting Started : Preparing You for Success

Take a couple of weeks to get ready to commence. The introductory videos will inform, motivate and help you prepare.

You are offered support and expert guidance. Our team are committed to working with you to achieve the best results without trying to navigate it alone. 


Phase 1 : Rebalance & Repair Core Plan

Start your diabetes recovery plan here to rebalance the repair your body. Our phase 1 and the related modules may be all you need to do to restore your health.


Phase 2 : Accelerated Recovery Plans

 For those who want to achieve even more health and weight loss results, phase 2 offers optional accelerated healing plans to follow until your goals are achieved. 


Phase 3 : Transitioning & Long Term Success

When your diabetes is reversed or at the very least,  well under control, now it’s time to assess, refine and implement strategies and create NEW NORMALS into every day life to sustain great health. We specialise in helping people to change unhelpful habits and patterns.


A team supporting you

Our team of professionals are here to support your success. We offer 1:1 individualised consultations for nutrition & lifestyle, fasting support, mental and physical well-being, mindset changes, medical and diabetes health. 


A doctor-led programme, designed to be easily followed in a step by step process, with support and guidance.

You are recovering your diabetes in a community of people doing the same. Work at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from videos, workbooks, downloads, meal plans and recipes. Receive regular coaching emails, watch webinars and be part of a diabetes support community 24/7.


” I don’t have enough words to describe the immense help that the diabetes clinic has given me in bringing back my health.  Coming across the Diabetes Clinic is one of the biggest things that has happened for me this year. It has given me a whole new perspective on life.


The support I got from each and everyone in the clinic team has been super awesome. This is a new beginning  for me where I reversing my diabetes and I never knew that it was possible.

”  Mary

Medical and natural health professionals providing expert and specialised natural solutions to reverse prediabetes
and type 2 diabetes.

Working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

Have some questions and would like to know more?

Please book a free 15 minute consult to ask your questions and see if the programme is the right fit for YOU.

Email: info@diabetesclinic.co.nz 

Phone: +64 21 519968

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