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Success with Personalised & Professional Support


Additional Support Services Offered

Quick Consults

15 minute complimentary phone calls are available access to our expertise on any related a quick query or concern related to your programme e.g clarity about your plan, symptoms, concerns, to gain more confidence or less confusion etc

1:1 Coaching Services

Book a session with our coaching team for specific support or personal coaching to help achieve your health and weight goals. Choose 30 and 60 minute services

Doctor Consultations

You might like to gain a more holistic view on your health issues or seek a second opinion on your diagnosis or test results. These consultations with our Diabetes Clinic medical team are not a substitute for your own medical practitioners. We can offer what is referred to as functional medicine opinions within our programme which aims to discover and resolve underlying causes of health problems. Choose 30 or 60 minute consultations

Behaviour & Mindset Change Consultations

Book a session to assist with any unhelpful patterns or behaviors that are not budging. Limiting beliefs can be changed easily and quickly using the PSYCH-K change modality. We also offer training in EFT (emotional freedom technique) as a self management tool. Address any fear, self sabotage or habits that need to change etc Accessing the subconscious beliefs can bypass the need to constantly apply will power for change

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